Electric Bill has Epic Overnighter off South Carolina

First trip with a new captain returns first-rate results

Capt. Jerry Owens at the helm of Chad Sanders' 60-foot Spencer, Electric Bill, with nine swordfish and two sailfish flags flying.Courtesy Chad Sanders, Electric Bill

Leaving out of Charleston, South Carolina, the 60-foot Spencer, Electric Bill, had a new man at the helm: Capt. Jerry Owens. Owens recently accepted the job after an amazing season in Bermuda, where he took his then-Playmaker team to the Triple Crown winner's circle.

That afternoon, the team — Chad Sanders with friends Douglas, William and Matt, Owens, and mate Donnie Todd — went one for two on sailfish and spotted another when Owens marked a huge amount of bait in 1,000 feet of water. Setting up for a night of swordfishing, the team began their first drift at 8 p.m., catching nine swords by 11:30 p.m.

As the sun broke the horizon the next morning, the Electric Bill team began trolling again where they released another sailfish before heading in. "There is a good vibe on this rig," says Owens of his new team. "I'm happy to be here."