Corporate Retreats

Marlin Expeditions is a great option for a team-building trip or customer reward

Marlin Expeditions can provide your team with the hookup of a lifetime. Not only is it a great bonus for your clients, customers and staff, it’s also the ultimate exercise in team-building.

Incentivize Your Team

Marlin Expeditions is a great incentive to reward your top sales reps, hardest workers, or used as a great corporate retreat. You can purchase as many spots as you like for any of our scheduled trips.

Reward Your Customers

Marlin Expeditions is a great option for boat brokers who need that special incentive to close the deal. Why not include a Marlin Expedition in the cost of the boat purchase so we can give your buyers a leg up and help get them excited about using their new purchase?

Customize Your Expedition

We can customize a fishing trip to suit your company’s needs and budget. You pick the destination and number of fishing days, and we’ll create the itinerary so you can travel stress-free.