Offshore Fishing Gear and Tackle

Outfit your boat and crew with the latest in offshore-fishing gear.

From the best reels and lures to accessories and apparel, we have you covered when it comes to choosing the best in offshore fishing gear. Success on the water often comes down to having the right equipment, and knowing how to use it correctly. We rely on decades of experience fishing for marlin and sailfish, plus the expert opinions of professional captains and deckhands, to curate a selection of the best new fishing products on the water today. 


Offshore Fishing Tackle

Reels, dredges, teasers, offshore fishing tackle and lures: it’s all right here. We show you which lures produce marlin bites as well as the gear that professional anglers and captains rely on, day in and day out. So whether you’re dredge fishing for sailfish in Central America or pulling a spread of lures for blue marlin off Bermuda or the East Coast, we have the information you need. 

Fishing Apparel

Marlin fishing takes place in one of the most demanding environments in the world, so you need offshore fishing apparel that will meet those challenges. Fishing shoes and boots to maintain a secure, slip-free footing on a slick deck. Foul weather gear to keep you warm and dry when the conditions go from sporty to nautical. Performance shirts and fishing shorts with quick-drying fabrics and high sun protection ratings to protect you from harmful UV rays in the cockpit or on the bridge. Polarized sunglasses to help you spot the bite before it happens. All are necessary parts of the apparel puzzle.  


Fishing Accessories

Fishing accessories can make or break a day on the water fishing for marlin and sailfish. Be prepared with the best gear. Fishing gloves for sun protection and also for leadering big gamefish. Other kinds of fishing accessories for the boats, like stand up harnesses, pliers, dehookers and more, all take their rightful place alongside the angler in the cockpit.