Offshore Fishing Tips

The best marlin fishing tips to help make you more successful.

With a myriad of baits and lures to select from, knowing what to choose in various situations can make the difference between an incredible day on the water and one where you miss the action. Our pro offshore fishing tips help you select the right offshore fishing gear to help you catch more marlin, sailfish and swordfish, while maximizing your valuable time on the water. 


Best Lures for Marlin and Sailfish

Since the earliest days of offshore fishing, pulling a spread of marlin lures in the wake has proven to be one of the world’s most successful methods for landing these apex predators. The best lures have a shape, color and action that mimics a fleeing baitfish or squid, enticing a marlin to strike. Here are tips on choosing the best marlin and sailfish lures

Best Baits for Marlin and Sailfish

Whether they’re fished alive or rigged as dead natural baits, the real thing has been fooling marlin and sailfish for centuries. After all, why use something that mimics a baitfish when the genuine article may be readily available? From ballyhoo to mackerel and beyond, we have the best marlin and sailfish baits ready for you here. 

Best Rigs for Marlin and Sailfish

Correctly rigging a marlin lure or live bait for sailfish is incredibly important, with special consideration placed on attention to detail. Most natural baits for billfish are also now rigged using circle hooks; thanks to their shape, these hooks are designed to catch a fish in the corner of the jaw hinge, making it easier to release a billfish after the fight. Live-baiting for marlin and sailfish is also incredibly productive, especially in areas where bait and gamefish are concentrated. With these rigging tactics you’ll be more successful than ever before on the water. 


Marlin and Sailfish Destinations 

The key to catching more billfish is simply to fish where they live. By traveling to the destinations that have larger populations of marlin and sailfish, your chances for success are greatly amplified. Right now the blue marlin fishing off Costa Rica is off the charts, but other places like Cape Verde, Kona, Bermuda and others see great fishing throughout the year as well. For sailfish, Florida is always a top pick: easy to get to, and with reliable fishing during the winter months. Guatemala and other destinations in Central America also hold good numbers of sails. 

Kite-Fishing Tips and Videos

This is the place for the kite-fishing enthusiasts among Marlin’s dedicated offshore fishing readers. Modern kite fishing traces its beginnings to the 1940s and it is a fixture in the south Florida offshore fishing scene.

Here you will learn kite-fishing tips — including strategies for bait, preventing a “kitemare,” tactics for catching a specific species, ways to control the wind’s effect, and more — straight from the minds of the professionals who have perfected the skill. Enjoy our videos, which include overviews of the kite-fishing pointers plus recaps of days on the water at some of the best kite-fishing areas in the world.

Explore the Florida coast and other Atlantic Ocean hot spots from our experts’ accounts, giving you everything you need to know about where and when is best to go kite-fishing. Any in-depth look at kite-fishing wouldn’t be complete without considering the unique insight of pros fishing in this area.

Once you’re ready to get out on the water, use our guide to pick the perfect kite for you. Then learn how to rig tackle for those sailfish eagerly waiting the bait out off the Florida coast. Finally, you’ll need to learn how to adjust to each situation. When the wind changes, learn how to keep your kite flying and the fish chasing your attached bait. With these tips, even those wanting to kite-fish from bigger boats and defeat the wind’s problems can do so with their expert-level knowledge of the style.

Kite-Fishing Tips

Kite-Fishing Videos