Why Marlin Expeditions

If you want to be the best,
you should learn from the best

Marlin Expeditions (formerly Marlin University) ensures a memorable and rewarding fishing experience filled with adventure, knowledge, and connection with other big-game enthusiasts. We’re addicted to fishing, and sharing that passion in a supportive education-based environment is what we do best.

The Mission. To deliver the ultimate offshore fishing and learning experience out there. Period.

Experience and Expertise. We take pride in our knowledgeable and experienced team of fishing professionals. Whether catching sailfish in Central America, targeting blue marlin in the Atlantic, or landing giant bluefin tuna in Nova Scotia, our expert-level instructors deliver comprehensive techniques to hook, fight and release billfish and other big-game species with personalized, side-by-side coaching in real-world conditions.

Customized Itineraries. We specialize in logistics, removing the stress of trip planning from your plate and taking the guesswork out of where and when to go by traveling to the best destinations at the peak times of the year. Add in world-class accommodations and food, and it’s a fully curated, all-inclusive package you won’t find anywhere else.

Safe and Authentic Experiences. We travel in small groups to allow for more attention to your safety and teaching flexibility so you can fully focus on the adventure, the learning process, and the cultures that make our destinations so special.

Resource Sustainability. We are dedicated to using the practices and techniques needed to be sure the fish we release go on to be enjoyed another day. Partnerships with foundations and organizations that are dedicated to conservation, tracking, and research give us a front-row perspective on what respecting fisheries looks like.

Everyone who participates in a Marlin Expeditions session receives a 1-year subscription to Marlin, a lifetime of memories, the tips and techniques that take decades to acquire, and a new group of fishing buddies that will last forever.


What our clients have to say…


The team responsible for these brands brings decades of experience and serves as the driving force behind Marlin Expeditions. Our goal for each trip is to craft the ultimate fishing experience, catering to both novice and seasoned fishermen.


For more than 40 years, Marlin has empowered big-game offshore fishing enthusiasts through an engaging mix of adventure, nostalgia and camaraderie. The thrill of the sport comes alive on our pages with captivating content on dynamic personalities, first-class sport-fishing vessels, the latest equipment and techniques, as well as the finest billfishing destinations the world has to offer.


A bluewater angler’s dream, Bermuda offers an exotic location that is close to the US, with top-notch accommodations and world-class marlin fishing. The pursuit of record size blue and white marlin draw some of the finest sport-fishing vessels in the Atlantic, Gulf and Caribbean to Bermuda each summer to compete in the Bermuda Triple Crown series.


Every October, the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament kicks off the Cabo tournament season with a fun, participant-focused event in one of the most action-packed fishing destinations in the world. Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja Peninsula is the competitive angler’s dream. The Pacific Ocean and legendary Sea of Cortez provide plenty of billfish action and world-record-size gamefish. Big money and big fish go hand in hand at this tournament, which is complimented by an all-star lineup of accommodations and activities.


Now in its 21st year, the Costa Offshore World Championship presented by Continental is one of the world’s most prestigious offshore fishing tournaments. The participants represent an international group of tournament teams that have won qualifying events around the globe, and compete in a demanding IGFA Angling Rules format requiring great skill to convert the bites into catches.


Get ready for incredible fishing and intense competition at the Scrub Island Billfish Series. This unprecedented fishing event consists of two back-to-back tournaments at one of the most renowned blue marlin destinations in the Western Hemisphere. Comprised of two three-day fishing events, an impressive lineup of gameboats compete for the coveted series title. Teams enjoy luxury accommodations at the exclusive Scrub Island Resort & Marina in the British Virgin Islands and access to the famous North Drop during the September moon.