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  • how far can billfish see

    In addition to distance, it’s good to know what colors billfish see when picking colors for lures

    How sharp is a billfish’s vision underwater and how far can they see? You’d be amazed.
  • The species’ long migration patterns requires a deeper look to know each fishery’s status

    If you’re a Southern California striped marlin angler, look far west for insight to the future of the fishery.

Offshore Fishing Gear

Marine Electronics

  • night-time fishing

    Infrared imaging equipment has surpassed night vision technology in popularity among boaters for safe navigation in the dark.

    Don’t run blind through the darkness. New technology gives you the same navigation picture in the pitch-black night as it would during the middle of the day.
  • The best bet is more — and larger — display screens at the helm

    Why are more offshore sport-fishing boats going bigger on their electronic displays? Because it’s better. Here’s why.
  • In Florida alone, there were 1,500 boat thefts in 2015

    Want to keep your boat safe from thieves? We show you how to use a tracking device.