Marlin Advocacy

The Issues and Causes Currently in Focus at The Marlin Group

A marlin underwater tagged with satellite tags

Rallying Support for Satellite Tagging

Billfish migration patterns and habitat utilization data is invaluable to scientists and resource managers as they work to ensure the long-term viability of the resource

IGFA Great Marlin Race
The Billfish Foundation Satellite Tagging Program
Guy Harvey Foundation Tagging in the Eastern Tropical Pacific

Join in Opposition Against 10-Knot Speed Rotation

While endangered whales should be protected, the NOAA proposal for a 10-knot speed limit applying to recreational boats along the East and Gulf coasts is not the answer. Join the campaign in opposition to this restrictive measure.

Understand the Issues
The Recreational Angler’s Position

Advancing the Participation of Women

The mostly-female Marlin Group staff is leading the charge to advance the participation of women in the sport through skill development and tournament competition opportunities.

Marlin Lady Angler Team
Ladies-Only Marlin Expeditions


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