Best Sunglasses for Fishing

Protect your vision and spot the bite with these great options.


July 8, 2022

A pair of high-quality polarized sunglasses is mandatory for a truly memorable day on the water.

Bajío Vega

Bajio Vega black sunglasses.
Functional and stylish frames that work for both men and women. Courtesy Bajío

Bajío’s Vega features a bold, high-coverage wrap design with wide temples to block sidelight and protect your eyes from the sun. These polarized, color-enhancing lenses with proprietary blue light-blocking LAPISTM technology cuts through the glare so you can laser-focus on the bite, all while reducing eye strain and fatigue. Lens options include seven lightweight polycarbonate colors and six in glass.

Fin-Nor North Drop

Fin-Nor North Drop sunglasses
Don’t leave the dock with them Courtesy Fin-Nor

For just 10 short miles, the Puerto Rico Trench in the British Virgin Islands takes a turn north. And that’s all it takes to create the inside turn of all turns, where anglers tangle with the blue marlin and live on the covers of magazines like ours. The North Drop frames are spring-hinged, uber-comfortable, and block unnecessary light with integrated side shields. Three frame- and four lens-color (glass or polycarbonate) options  available.


Costa Del Mar Rincon

Best Sunglasses for Fishing
The Rincon is a hot new style from Costa. Jon Whittle

Named for a world-renowned California surf break, Rincon is a hot new style from Costa that is equally at home on the blue water. Costas are a favorite among billfish enthusiasts thanks to their incredible optic clarity and durability. Shown is the matte Atlantic blue frame with silver mirror lens.

Pelagic The Mack

Best Sunglasses for Fishing
The Mack looks great on a wide variety of anglers. Jon Whittle

The Mack, shown in black matte frame and blue mirror lens, combines Pelagic’s mineral glass lens technology with its proprietary Zero-Glare polarization and Tuff-Lens scratch protection, all in a frame style that looks great on a wide variety of angler.

Pelagic Fish Hook

Best Sunglasses for Fishing
The Fish Hook offers unparalleled visual acuity. Jon Whittle

According to Pelagic, the XP-700 polycarbonate lenses in its Fish Hook style (shown here in green dorado color pattern with blue mirror lens) offer unparalleled visual acuity plus superlight weight to reduce fatigue. There are five layers of polarization plus an anti-reflective coating on the lenses to help cut the glare.


Maui Jim Big Wave

Best Sunglasses for Fishing
The Big Wave combines crisp optics with light weight. Jon Whittle

Big Wave features MauiPure, Maui Jim’s most popular lens material. It combines optics that are nearly as crisp as glass with light weight and excellent scratch and shatter resistance. Big Wave is shown here in a translucent matte-gray rubber frame with blue mirror lens.

Maui Jim Byron Bay

Best Sunglasses for Fishing
The Byron Bay is a perfect choice for the boat or the beach. Jon Whittle

Byron Bay, another popular style from Maui Jim shown here in green-stripe rubber frame, is a perfect choice for the boat or the beach. Maui HT lenses offer extra contrast and color, while the superthin glass provides the crispest optics available, in a lens that is 20 percent thinner and lighter than standard glass. They are also scratch and solvent resistant.


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