Organize Your Fishing Leaders

A Tip From a Marlin Reader

Keeping light-tackle hook rigs organized and tangle-free is never easy, especially when getting several hundred rigs ready for the start of a long season. I started looking for some way to keep each one of my light-tackle leaders tangle-free but easy to access. While digging out a CD one day, I thought that the compartmentalized CD case might just make the perfect storage solution for my leaders.

I found that using a large CD/DVD case for light-tackle leaders leaves each hook and leader tangle-free, dry and organized. I tuck one coiled leader and hook into each pocket of the case for quick and easy access. The case also keeps my hooks rust-free and sharp until we need them. Some of these cases hold as many as 500 rigs, so you'll never be caught short. Plastic or rubberized cases seem to last a bit longer when subjected to salt, but the standard nylon cases work well too. I've picked up several of these cases at garage sales for less than a dollar.

Capt. Jason "Tiny" Walcott
West Palm Beach, Florida