Remove Old Line Quickly and Easily

Use a central location to strip multiple reels

Putting new line on your reels always starts by taking off the old line first. Because you don’t have to be as careful with the old line, and to save time, you can run all of the lines from each of your reels through one central location to help you remove it all at once. Be sure to always dispose of the used monofilament properly, and never toss used line in the ocean!

replacing line on reels
You can remove the old line on multiple reels at the same time. Capt. Stan Blackman

On You Never Know, I attach a dog clip to a tether and tie it off to a cleat on the transom when we’re at the dock. I run all the lines through the clip, put the reels in free-spool and dump them all at once. An empty trash bin makes a good receptacle for the line.

replacing lines on reels
Use a clip like this in a central location to run all the lines through. Capt. Stan Blackman

If you want to do this on the run in from fishing, you can just run everything through the gimbal on the chair and pull the line off while standing in the back of the boat (just be sure it doesn’t go in the water). Now, you just need to figure out a way to get eight guys cranking on reels using one spool of line to fill them all back up!


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