Eco-Friendly Bottom Paints

New water-based bottom paints go on easy and cause less damage to both you, and the environment.

April 23, 2015
Using eco-friendly paints are better for the atmosphere and don’t sacrifice protection against bottom growth. File Photo

New water-based ablative bottom paints are available from several companies, and these eco-friendly paints virtually eliminate the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. The harsh chemical smell of earlier bottom paints goes away, making them much safer to apply and providing greatly simplified cleanup after you’re done. Yet they still provide excellent protection against bottom growth.

Pettit Paint recently introduce Hydrocoat, a water-based ablative which can be applied over any other paint and applied in almost any area. The fumes are gone and cleanup is easy; just use soap and water. Hydrocoat comes in three different formulas for different areas. Hydrocoat Eco contains no copper biocide, while Hydrocoat SR and Hydrocoat contain dual biocides, including copper.

Pettit Paint Hydrocoat Courtesy Pettit Paint
Pettit Paint’s Hydrocoat is one of the best new eco-friendly paints. File Photo
Application is much safer, given the water-based structure of the paint. File Photo
Yet the results provide exceptional protection, even in high-flow areas like trim tabs. File Photo
Hydrocoat is designed to provide multi-year protection and excellent service in any growth environment. File Photo
The ease of application gets you ready to relaunch in short order. File Photo
After repainting, a quick acid wash for the props completes the job. File Photo
This boat is ready for another season or more! File Photo

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