Celebrating 30 Years

We are just now putting the final touches on our October issue, and I sure hope you all will enjoy it. We’ve got a cool feature from Peter Wright detailing a trip he took to Cape Verde with an up-and-coming artist to get some detailed photographs of a blue marlin for a painting. There’s also a nice story about the Dare County Boat Builders Tournament that’s held each year to raise money for a scholarship so some young man or woman can attend college. Much of the rest of the issue is dedicated to our 30th anniversary.

Peter Wright tells us about some of the hot spots that have come to light since Marlin's birth, Capt. Skip Smith picks nine people and/or organizations that have impacted our sport, Jan Fogt delves into the history of some of our most beloved tournaments, and Scott Shane, Marlin's new editor-in-chief, details some of the differences between some of the best boats in the early '80s and their modern-day counterparts. I also did a section on some of the products that have improved our game, and Capt. George Sawley lists and describes five techniques that have blossomed over the last 30 years.

As a bonus, Marlin is holding a 30-day giveaway in October — giving away a prize every day in October from a random drawing. We built an advent-style calendar where you can see what prize is up for grabs each day. We've already got great stuff from Penn Reels, AFTCO, Pelagic and more! Sign up at www.marlinmag.com/30giveaways.

Also, we're doing a Marlin's Biggest Fan contest where you can tell me why you are Marlin's biggest fan in 200 words or less and win a three-day fishing trip for two to Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica — and I'll come along and fish with you! I hope that doesn't cramp your style.

Once this baby gets out the door, it's planning time again, so if you have any ideas for stories or topics you'd like covered in the magazine next year, give me a shout at dave.ferrell@bonniercorp.com. Thanks for reading Marlin.