How To: Ballyhoo Double-Hook Ilander Combo for Wahoo

When wahoo are the target species, this rig is incredibly effective

October 21, 2016

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Because of their slashing strikes, many anglers prefer to use a double-hook rig when fishing for wahoo. By using an Ilander lure in front of the bait, it will last longer in the water and will also have more fish-attracting flash and color.

Rather than using the standard method of inserting a single J hook in the bait through the gills and exiting in the belly, this rig one uses two hooks, which are inserted from the top of the bait down to the belly. Start by removing the scales from the top of the bait and making an initial cut to the backbone, then carefully run the hooks into the bait. The double-hook rig is constructed using a Mustad 3407SS hook that is passed through the eye of a second Mustad hook and attached to a heavy no. 12 wire leader with a haywire twist. It’s important to use wire due to a wahoo’s sharp teeth, which make short work of a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader. The original Ilander lure is a perfect way to top off the double-hook wahoo rig, although an Ilander Heavyweight will get the rig swimming a bit deeper. The double-hook ballyhoo and Ilander combination can also be used with a heavy trolling weight and monofilament shock leader. One of the most popular colors for the Ilander skirt is blue-and-white, although many anglers also prefer dark color combinations like black-and-red, black-and-purple or black-and-blue for wahoo fishing. Be sure the hooks are very sharp — wahoo have tough, bony mouths and can be difficult to hook.


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