World Record of Most Marlin Releases in One Season

The private sport-fisher_ Carol Libby_, breaks record with 430 releases and still counting.

Capt. Josh Temple stands on the bridge in warrior-victory mode.
Left to right deckhand Tony Carpenter, angler Keith Brandner, Capt Josh Temple, deckhand Andrea McQuade, deck boss James Brown and boat owner Greg Brandner.
Deckhand Andrea McQuade holds the official release sign.

Aboard the boat Carol Libby, a 60-foot Hybrid Spencer and American Custom Yacht, Capt. Josh Temple and his team broke the previous world record of most marlin released in one season.

"We released 10 for 13 on June 25, 12 for 21 on June 26 and seven for 10 on June 27. We officially broke the record on June 26, when we eclipsed 422 releases (the previous record)," said Temple.

That record was set by Capt. Bobby McGuinness on the Cazador out of Golfito in 2010.

The team aboard _Carol Libb_y has been fishing for 61 days, from February to June of this year. The team's largest fish to date was a 475-pounder. They have raised 754 with 614 bites and** TBF**-tagged 310.

The team still has nearly half a year left in the season — keep it up.