Toro Tamer – Hollow-Core Gelspun Polyethylene Superbraided Line

The New Line is Uncommonly Smooth & Boasts 16 Strands for the Ultimate in Splicing Capability

Toro Tamer

Toro Tamer

The long-range tuna boys out in California initiated and perfected the use of superbraided lines, so it’s no surprise that the Huntington Beach-based Toro Tamer recently introduced a new hollow-core gelspun polyethylene superbraided line. The new line is uncommonly smooth and boasts 16 strands for the ultimate in splicing capability. For anglers making use of knotless connections, a true 16-strand product offers state-of-the-art performance. A 16-strand product is easier to work with, opens up better, and provides better grip to your leader when properly served or crimped — perfect attributes for building wind-on leaders.

This new hollow-core, spliceable superbraid comes in 40-pound, 50-pound, 60-pound, 80-pound, 100-pound and 130-pound-test. You can purchase the line in 25-yard or 1,000-yard spools. Toro Tamer also produces “solid”-core superbraid in natural white, inshore brown and multicolor depth-gauge lines.

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