How-To: Squidnation Dredge

Adding brightly colored Squidnation squids to your dredge teaser creates a larger profile and even more flash.

Squidnation Dredge

With everyone pulling a dredge trying to raise everything from sails to blue marlin, it's safe to say that the dredge is here to stay. What first started out as just a ball of split-tailed mullet has evolved to include artificial strips, rubber swimming baits, Iland lures, mud flap silos — you name it, someone's putting it on a dredge. While fishing on You Never Know, Stan Blackman and Joey Birbeck showed me their new Squidnation dredge.

It’s a two-tiered dredge loaded with split-tailed mullet and about a dozen bright blue Squidnation squids. The thing looked electric in the water, and we had several fish come up and try to swim all the way into it. We had one whitey up whose tail was pumping so hard that he looked as if he were part of the dredge himself. If you like pretty, glowing dredges, then a few Squidnation squids will be your new favorite things.