Easy Gaff Storage

We can fit a wide variety of gaffs into a very small and convenient space...

Finding a good spot close to the cockpit to store your flying and straight gaffs in a safe manner can be a pain on most older boats. Lashing them to the tower leg or storing them down below can be dangerous - especially when the mate's in a hurry to get them ready for action. Rushing around with a giant, sharp hook in your hand is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, many builders nowadays address this problem in a number of cool and innovative ways. The boys at G&S may not have been the first to provide storage for long tools up the side of the house and accessed from the cockpit, but they sure did a great job on our boat.

As you can see from the picture, we can fit a wide variety of gaffs - flyers and stick gaffs of several shapes and sizes - into a very small and convenient space. At a glance, the mate can select the proper gaff size and have it ready for use in seconds.

Randy Baker
Freeport, Florida