Balls Of Fun, Skirts Aplenty

A Tip From a Marlin Reader

If you have a friend who says he's taken up Pilates, then you know someone who has a giant round ball he never uses. Tell him you need to borrow it, but don't tell him why - he won't be asking for it back anyway!

The strong, lively, colorful rubber that these balls are made from makes an outstanding skirt material for your lures. I bought three secondhand discards at garage sales for less than $10, and now have enough purple, pearl and fire-orange material to underskirt at least 50 medium-size lures. The material is very supple and the ribs across the surface give the strands even more kick. The material is translucent, so the colors are very visible in the light. Needless to say, this material is both strong and durable - it was strong enough to support your fat friend rolling around on it!

Jim Rizzuto
Kona, Hawaii