Protect Your Boat's Shore Cord

A split-loom can help keep the cord cleaner for longer

shore cord for fishing boat
A split-loom can keep shore cords looking clean longer.By Capt. Dāv Carpenter

After my last trip to the yard for an annual haul out, my shore power cord was in need of a good cleaning. Years of sun and weather seem to make it harder and harder to keep them looking good, and they require more frequent attention. A friend and I were talking about how to better protect our cords and we talked about covering them with split-loom tubing. During a trip to the local electronics store, I found a 50-foot section of white 1¼-inch split-loom for $25.

shore cords on fishing boat
Leave a 1/4-inch gap on the bottom of the cover to allow condensation to drain out.By Capt. Dāv Carpenter

I chose to use the 1¼-inch split-loom on my 50-amp cords because it fits well and leaves about a ¼-inch gap on the bottom of the cover, allowing for any condensation to drain out. After four months, the white split-loom tubing still looks good, and the shore power cord looks as good as it did after I last cleaned it.

shore cords on fishing boat
This trick will keep shore cords clean and save you time.By Capt. Dāv Carpenter