Shearline Boatworks Purchases Carolina Custom Towers

Custom towers and hard-tops manufacturer now a division of custom boatbuilder

Shearline Boatworks announced its purchase of Carolina Custom Towers.Courtesy Shearline Boatworks

Shearline Boatworks announced via press release that it purchased Carolina Custom Towers, an aluminum fabricator specializing in the sport-fishing industry.

Tim Daly started Carolina Custom Towers nine years ago, building it into one of the most popular manufacturers of custom towers and hard tops for sport-fishing boats. Daly will remain as managing director of the property, which will become a division of Shearline Boatworks. Chip King, owner and president of Shearline, said the purchase will expand "the opportunities to grow this part of our business."

He continued to praise the move by saying, “Incorporating the custom fabrication wing into our management plan and general strategy for growth is a big step for us. The real heart and soul of CCT has always been Tim Daly, and this part we intend to keep just as it is. Having Shearline manage the business side of things allows Tim to focus on design, fabrication, and managing his crew of talented fabricators. This is going to bring a whole new set of offerings to our clientele."

CCT will remain the same through its digital and social media presence, including its website. However, an expanded list of in-house services will be available soon due to the relationship with the popular custom boatbuilder.

“From the outside, it will be business as usual at CCT,” Daly said, “but internally we can expect to see an increase in staff, larger plans for custom fabricated inventory, like leaning posts and rocket launchers and a more robust production schedule on the larger projects like custom towers and hard tops.”