How to Rig Mullet for Dredge Fishing

Simple steps for rigging a tournament-winning dredge for marlin and sailfish

rigging mullet
Rigged mullet ready for use on a natural-bait dredge for marlin and sailfish.© Scott Kerrigan /

Natural-bait dredges are deadly for sailfish in the Pacific and white marlin in the Atlantic. Follow these simple steps for rigging a mullet on a pin rig to enhance your dredge the next time you head offshore.

rigging a mullet
Step one© Scott Kerrigan /

Start with about 4 feet of waxed rigging floss. Double it, then tie a single overhand knot to create a loose loop.

rigging a mullet
Step two© Scott Kerrigan /

Insert a pre-made weighted pin rig into the mullet's head through the bottom of the chin. Make sure the wire loop is exposed from the nose of the mullet so that a snap swivel can be easily attached when adding it to a dredge.

rigging a mullet
Step three© Scott Kerrigan /

Loop the floss over the front of the pin and pull down on the loop to tighten it against the front of the bait's head.

rigging a mullet
Step four© Scott Kerrigan /

Make the first wrap behind the weight and in front of the eyes to secure the pin rig to the bait's head.

rigging a mullet
Step five© Scott Kerrigan /

Grasp the mullet behind the gills and begin to wrap toward the tail of the mullet, leaving half an inch between each wrap.

rigging a mullet
Step six© Scott Kerrigan /

After five to six wraps of the first leg, pinch it against the body of the mullet to hold it in place.

rigging a mullet
Step seven© Scott Kerrigan /

Wrap the other leg of the floss in the opposite direction until the ends meet evenly in the middle of the bait as shown. The first wrap should be tight against the weight to secure it in place.

rigging a mullet
Step eight© Scott Kerrigan /

Make an overhand loop knot with both legs of the floss and pull down tight to secure the wraps on the underside of the mullet.

rigging a mullet
Step nine© Scott Kerrigan /

Trim the excess floss and the mullet is ready to go onto a dredge or into a cooler for future use.

rigging a mullet
The finished product© Scott Kerrigan /

A lineup of properly rigged dredge mullet is sure to attract billfish into the spread.