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Saltwater Fishing Tips

Get saltwater fishing tips from the pros.

Rigs and Tips

  • south florida sailfish tactics

    Predict a bite based on conditions

    Capt. Jimmy David gives insight on identifying conditions as well as setting up on free-jumpers.
  • ballyhoo rigged with party skirt

    Naked is sometimes not the best choice

    Add a little flash to your ballyhoo's wardrobe…
  • dredge fishing electric reels

    Learn to correctly set up your boat for these productive teasers

    Dredges are a must-have for nearly anyone seeking marlin and sailfish. Learn how to rig the boat correctly with these tips.
  • Simplify your rigging to control the action in the cockpit.

    This setup enables the crew to keep a marlin or sailfish interested all the way to the boat.

Rigging Videos

Captain Harry's How-To Video Series

Rigger's Corner Video Series

Cockpit Culinary

Tips and Techniques


  • kite rigging setup for sailfish

    Increase your sailfish catch with these pro tips

    Follow these simple steps to rig your fishing tackle for kite-fishing for sailfish off South Florida.
  • Fishing a lure from a kite is one of the deadliest techniques on the water.

    Prepare for kite fishing season with these gear essentials.
  • Learn an essential light wind kite-fishing tactic

    Learn what to do when kite-fishing in light winds and you need to use a balloon.