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Saltwater Fishing Tips

Get saltwater fishing tips from the pros.

Rigs and Tips

  • dredge fishing electric reels

    Learn to correctly set up your boat for these productive teasers

    Dredges are a must-have for nearly anyone seeking marlin and sailfish. Learn how to rig the boat correctly with these tips.
  • Simplify your rigging to control the action in the cockpit.

    This setup enables the crew to keep a marlin or sailfish interested all the way to the boat.
  • blue marlin jumping

    Raise more billfish with these pro pointers

    Choosing which marlin lures to use, and understanding how each will perform in various positions in the spread, is critical to success.
  • The lightweight design can be used at live-bait trolling speeds

    Fishing with live bait for sailfish? Try incorporating a strip-style dredge teaser in your spread.

Rigging Videos

Captain Harry's How-To Video Series

Rigger's Corner Video Series

Cockpit Culinary

Tips and Techniques


  • kite rigging setup for sailfish

    Increase your sailfish catch with these pro tips

    Follow these simple steps to rig your fishing tackle for kite-fishing for sailfish off South Florida.
  • Fishing a lure from a kite is one of the deadliest techniques on the water.

    Prepare for kite fishing season with these gear essentials.
  • Learn an essential light wind kite-fishing tactic

    Learn what to do when kite-fishing in light winds and you need to use a balloon.