Changing Weather, Changing Luck

A full season of charter fishing begins in Kona

June 7, 2022

While a passing storm front created poor fishing previously, things have settled down for this edition of Visions of Granders, filmed in Kona, Hawaii. Feeling a need to change his luck after the weather had moved through, Capt. Chris Donato skirted up a new lure which proved to be the lucky charm, tempting a very nice blue marlin first thing in the morning. A spearfish later that day made his charter party happy too.

Donato also explains his tactic for chasing blue marlin after the bite. He prefers to get in the habit of turning in the direction the fish is moving, clearing those lines first, rather than immediately backing down. It’s a Marlin 101 on boat driving from an experienced captain so don’t miss this one.

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