Baitmasters Bait Shipping

Baitmasters now also carries species-specific packs...

Say goodbye to high shipping rates for your bait. Baitmasters recently developed a new shipping method that keeps bait frozen for up to three days during transit. This allows shipping via ground service to almost anywhere in the United States at rates up to 75 percent less than overnight air service.

Now you fellows fishing the White Marlin Open or the Mid-Atlantic $500,000 won't have to pay next-day shipping charges to get some of the best ballyhoo money can buy. Baitmasters now also carries species-specific packs - dolphin, white marlin and blue marlin - that take all the guesswork out of your orders. Of course, you can still order all of your bait a la carte - and Baitmasters has everything from dink ballyhoo to big squid and Spanish mackerel. Check it out at or call 800-NEW-BAIT (800-639-2248) for more information.