Leader Holder

Makes it easy to get the bait in the water quickly without getting tangled

| |John Ashley|

Recently, while fishing in the Cape Verde Islands with Capt. Glen “Johnno” Johnson aboard the beautiful 50-foot G&S Gladius, I saw a great technique used to hold the trace out of the way for a stand-up 50-pound pitch-bait outfit sitting in the chair. Although we were trolling three 130s with lures armed with hooks, Johnson always ran two big hookless teasers up short off the middle of the outriggers, connected to electric reels on the bridge for pitching targets. The number of blue marlin we raised every day on the teasers alone was quite staggering, and the pitch-bait outfit saw plenty of attention.

Johnson used a short piece of plastic tubing pushed through the end of a heavy rubber band that's wrapped around the chair's handrail to hold
the leader firmly in place. When the angler picked up the rod for the pitch, all he needed to do was pull out the
tube and the leader would fall away.

The neatly rolled-up rig made it easy to get the bait in the water quickly without a tangle, every time!

–– John Ashley | Sydney, Australia

| |John Ashley|