Slow Fishing at Tropic Star Lodge

tropic star blog

tropic star blog

Although Tropic Star Lodge is one of my favorite places in all the world, it too can sometimes suffer from a slow period. For the last three days our Marlin U students and instructors have pulled live baits, lures and dead baits looking for a marlin bite. We have three boats fishing and up until today, we haven't seen a marlin in any our spreads. The red tide followed me down from Costa Rica and the green cold water has been devoid of any signs of marlin.

Pete's boat finally shook off the skunk somewhat today, raising a black marlin and a sail early this morning. They couldn't get a hook to stay in however, so the bad luck continues. His boys did, however, manage to catch a couple of yellowfin tuna pushing the 100-pound mark and we all enjoyed the chilled sashimi this evening as an appetizer before dinner.

One of the many great things about Tropic Star is the excellent food and service that the guests receive here at the lodge. And let me tell you, good food goes a long way in making up for a slow day on the water.

Peter and Charles Perry did a wiring seminar last night that I wish everyone who ventures offshore in pursuit of big game could hear. Listening to those two legends -- and their endless number of stories -- could get the most avid PETA member excited about wiring and sticking a big one!

We've got one more day of fishing before I come home -- and since today is my anniversary, I just like to say thanks to my lovely bride Lori for hanging onto my sorry butt for the last 19 years. I was a bum when I met her -- I hope she's seen a bit of improvement since then!