Match the Hull to Its Maker Game!

We know that the readers of Marlin magazine are passionate about their boats so we hope that you will enjoy our upcoming boat construction** **galleries...

August 22, 2012

As I told you in my last blog a couple of weeks ago, I recently attended the Dare County Boat Builders tourney up in North Carolina. While I was up there, I got to poke around in the barns of some of the best boatbuilders in the world. I didn’t get to all of them, and if you’re one of the fellows I haven’t gotten to, there’s some good news. I’m going to try to start a page on Marlin‘s website which will showcase some of the boats under construction at the present time. I plan on getting all the major builders to send me pictures (and maybe some video) of what they have going, so we can post them on that central page. I’ve got several builders in the can already, and I’m going to start posting later this week.

        To get the whole thing started with a bang, I’m going to hold a little [contest]( with some of the shots I’ve already got. In the attached gallery, you’ll see five boat hulls under construction. If you can match each of the five hulls with its builder, then your name will be entered into a drawing for one of Tournament Cable’s custom bait trays (check them out at

        We know that the readers of _Marlin_ magazine are passionate about their boats — and all sport-fishing boats in general — so we hope that you will enjoy our upcoming new [boat builds galleries]( and the new Web page, once we get it up and running. All of the folks who get [_Marlin_’s newsletter]( will be the first to know! And if any of you fellows who are reading this build boats, be sure to get back with me when your phone rings!

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