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An October 2011 Web Extra

September 16, 2011

Bom Bom – Peak Season: July-September
Bom Bom Fishing Charters

Guatemala –**** Peak Season: November – May

**Costa Rica **– December-March
Capt. Richard Chellemi – _Gamefisher 2 _–


**Isla Mujeres **– Jan-May
Capt. Anthony Mendillo – Keen M –

Madeira – June-September
Capt. Peter Bristow – Kathrine B –
New Zealand / Three Kings_ – March-July
– November-Feb
Marlin Lodge – Bazaruto Island –
Mauritius** – Blues: November Through April – Blacks: June-September
JP Henry Charters –



Cape Verde Islands
I first became aware the islands even existed while poring over charts with Skip Smith and Barky Garnsey. We were in one of the current hot spots, the Ivory Coast of Africa and knew about the Azores, Canary Islands and Madeira.

We noticed a little group of islands west of Dakar Senegal and Cape Verde on the African coast. It just MADE SENSE their should be some marlin there if we just connected the dots of the places we knew were good.

Skip was the first of us to make it there and had some decent but not great fishing but only got to a few of the eastern and southern islands. He lost one BIG fish when his angler got impatient and broke the line. (Skip never really forgave that guy or liked him much again!)


There is now a nice floating dock marina in the harbor of the town of Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente. There are several nice new hotels and plenty of good restaurants.

There are at least 4 or 5 good charter boats, all with web sites and the odd private boat makes the run down from the Canaries. NO PLACE is hot all the time but when it gets hot here it is the best blue marlin fishing on the planet! Lots of fish and some real monsters! Ask Garnsey, Smith, or me!

Fish with Zak Conde and Mary Bates —


Magdelena Bay, Mexico
California captains of commerce and movie stars have been going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for striped marlin for many decades. Some took their boats down and fished on the way down and back. They frequently found big concentrations of fish off “Mag Bay” but rarely stopped over due to lack of even the most basic facilities, even fueling was difficult. Kyle Dickerson and Dave Denholm were among the first anglers to fish extended periods of time and were rewarded with phenominal catches.

Accommodations are still in short supply and I am not aware of available charter boats but more private boats are fueling there and both inshore and offshore fishing is great. Check out seasons, chaters and accommodations at


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