30 Days of Giveaways - 150 Gallon ATL FueLocker

October 31 prize

ATL FueLocker

ATL FueLocker

150 Gallon ATL FueLocker™ Fuel BladderAero Tec Laboratories FueLocker™ family of on-deck range extension fuel bladder tanks instantly give piece of mind to sport fishermen who are looking to travel further to catch those elusive fish! Available in 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 500 gallon sizes, ATL FueLocker™ bladders can extend your vessel's fuel range on longer voyages out to sea or can help you arrive safely to those big prize tournaments. Made of durable military-spec rubberized fabric, these super tough bladders can be used with both gasoline and diesel fuels and can be filled with any standard refueling nozzle. The FueLocker's™ revolutionary design allows it to fill higher which in return, takes up less than half the deck space compared to a traditional "pillow" bladder. Every ATL FueLocker™ comes standard with a spill-resistant standpipe that features a safety cap with pressure release valve and anti back-flow "flapper" valve. A 1/2" brass ball-valve outlet assembly with hose barb ensures continuous fuel flow. In addition, every ATL FueLocker™ comes with an underliner, a heavy-duty piece of material that lays underneath the bladder that protects it from abrasive deck surfaces. When not in use, ATL fuel bladders are fully collapsible and can be rolled up or folded for easy storage.

ATL has included two accessory items (regularly sold separately) to compliment the 150 gallon FueLocker™ fuel bladder. The tie-down kit secures the bladder to the boat deck using 4 straps attached to a collar that fits around the bladder's stand pipe. In addition, ATL has also included a mesh tote-bag for convenient transport and storage.

In total, this package is worth over $1,300! For more information on ATL's range extension bladders and below-deck fuel bladder tanks, please visit www.boatbladders.com or call 800-526-5330.