Raise and Lower Outriggers With Ease

Pro captains praise the pulley as an option for heavy outriggers.

All serious sport-fishing boats sport a pair of outriggers in order to widen the spread and get more lines trolling behind the boat. Most boats over 50 feet now come with a set of triple-spreader outriggers, and it requires quite a bit of effort to raise and lower such long and heavy outriggers each day.

Sport fishing boat outriggers
Most big sport-fishing boats come with a set of heavy triple-spreader outriggers, which usually require a U-shaped cutout in the curtains to raise and lower properly. But a pulley installed on the brow can accomplish the task easily and efficiently. Courtesy Dave Ferrell

With the longer riggers comes a more forward placement, causing the locking arm and lifting rope to sit about halfway up the flybridge. Some guys will install a U-shaped cutout in their curtains in order to get to the lifting rope and locking arm.

pulley above flybridge sport fishing boat outrigger operation
Rather than installing a cutout to access the lifting arm, a pulley allows the captain to easily raise and lower heavy outriggers. Courtesy Dave Ferrell

On Dirty Business, Capt. Newt Cagle doesn’t like the look or lack of efficiency of the cutouts. Instead, he mounts a pulley on the brow rail above the flybridge and runs his lifting rope through the pulley and down to his rigger. With this setup, he doesn’t have to unzip anything or have an unsightly cutout in his curtains.


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