Marlin U How-To: Outrigger Care

Your weekly fishing tip, straight from the pros.



Not all outriggers are created equal. With the different sizes and styles of outriggers around today, you run into a lot of different options. On certain boats, the way the riggers are mounted can cause the folding arm to rub against the lower inside spreader bar. Eventually, this rubbing chafes both the folding arm and the spreader, leaving an unsightly gouge in both parts. In order to avoid this, first try every combination of adjustments to your folding arm to see if you can keep the pieces from touching. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you have a couple of different options.

Capt. Miles Stamper, the first mate aboard Got' M On from Texas, likes to tie a long series of wax line half-hitches about 4 to 6 inches long to the spreader bar. This allows the folding arm to ride on the wax line cushion as opposed to scratching up the spreader bar. For a less attractive yet still effective fix, split and attach a piece of clear hose to the spreader bar with either a couple of zip ties or tie it on with some rigging floss.

— Brad Goodrich
Islamorada, Florida