Marlin U Tip: Fish the Baits In

Catch more doubleheaders of sails and marlin if when changing baits you slow down and fish the baits back to the boat.

One of the things we always tell our students when they come to Marlin University is that once you get a bite, always assume there are more fish back there — especially when targeting sails and both white and striped marlin. All three of these species like to hunt in packs, so if you get a bite, there’s probably another one lurking around back there as well. Also, nobody ever catches a doubleheader of blue marlin by reeling all of their lines in at the first sign of a hookup! Any mates clearing baits after a hookup — or just changing them out at the first signs of washout — need to make sure to fish the bait all the way to the boat without taking their eyes off it as it comes back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen an overeager mate reeling a bait away from that second sail or marlin just because they are trying to clear the lines as quickly as possible. Slow down to get that doubleheader.