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YETI’s Collection of Dry Bags is Sure to Keep Your Gear Protected from the Elements

November 18, 2020

YETI continues to improve their line of products to ensure you have the best gear when going on your next adventure. Whether it be clothes, cameras, or wallets the Panga Backpack, Panga Duffel, and Sidekick Dry will keep your equipment secure and 100% waterproof.

The Panga Submersible Duffel is an airtight submersible gear fortress you can haul anywhere. The Panga Submersible Duffel was YETI’s first non-insulated piece of gear that lives up to the standard of being built for the wild. This is the duffel bag designed for extended stays out at sea that takes you to the most remote atolls, islands, and fishing that almost seem too wild to believe. The airtight closure makes this bag absolutely waterproof and keeps moisture (and whatever else you might come across) out. The exterior fabric is tough-as-nails. The straps and accompanying lash points make it easy to haul. The hardware laughs in the face of hard knocks. So you have our permission to drag it on the dock, haul it on the boat, or chuck it overboard — we did and the Panga lived to tell the tale.

YETI Panga Submersible Duffel on a white background.
Panga Submersible Duffel. YETI

The Panga Submersible Backpack 28 is the pack that pushes the limits. An airtight citadel merging the durability of the Panga Duffel with a tried-and-true backpack design.


This pack gives you ever reason to venture off shore, navigate through the mangroves, or capitalize on the reef in the most turquoise waters of the wild. Its ergonomic DryHaul™ Shoulder Straps offer extra carrying comfort, while the removable chest straps and waist belt provide added stability and security while you trek.

It is built to endure any type of adventure you embark on. Just like its predecessors, this pack is immune to dunks and downpours, The exterior is engineered with the same high-density, puncture, and abrasion-resistant ThickSkin shell and HydroLock Zipper as the Panga Duffle that won’t

let even the strongest currents or the heaviest rainfalls bust their way in. So no need to carry it over your head while you wade or blink an eye if left out in the rain – it’ll outperform any other backpack out there.

YETI Panga Submersible Backpack 28 on a white background.
Panga Submersible Backpack 28. YETI

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