The Best Gear from ICAST 2020

Our editors’ top picks

September 28, 2020

Although this year’s ICAST industry trade show was held virtually, there were several key products introduced for 2020 and beyond. Here are our editors’ top picks.

Spyderco Pacific Salt 2

Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 yellow handled knife on a white background.
Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 Spyderco

Built specifically for whose who spend their time on and in the water, the Pacific Salt 2 has an updated FRN handle with bidirectional texture and a four-position pocket clip. Made of corrosion-resistant H1 steel, the 3.75-inch blade is satin-finished, with a drop-point design and hollow grind. This is billed as the ultimate rustproof marine knife.

Penn International VIS 2020 Limited-Edition Reel

Penn International VIS 2020 Limited-Edition Reel silver and american flag patterened fishing reel.
Penn International VIS 2020 Limited-Edition Reel Penn

Let freedom ring with this limited-edition 50W from Penn International. Details include the custom American flag-wrapped spool and side plate engraved with “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death,” and a custom hinged wood display box, in addition to Penn’s stainless-steel main and pinion gears and Quick-Shift II two-speed system. This reel is limited to 1,000 pieces, and it’s made in the US of domestic and imported components.


AFTCO Diffuse Air-O Mesh Fishing Shorts

A pair of grey mesh fishing shorts on a white background.
AFTCO Diffuse Air-O Mesh Fishing Shorts AFTCO

This is the first pair of fishing shorts made entirely of AFTCO’s breathable, highly durable Air-O Mesh technology, a proprietary 100 percent polyester mechanical stretch fabric that creates venting throughout the shorts. Functional features include a reinforced pliers/release-tool pocket, four-way stretch for great mobility, a stain-resistant treatment, and multiple pocket storage options.

PowerPro Depth-Hunter Offshore Braid

PowerPro Depth-Hunter Offshore Braid reel on a white background.
PowerPro Depth-Hunter Offshore Braid PowerPro

Take some of the guesswork out of your fishing with PowerPro’s new braided line. With a repeating pattern of five different colors every 100 feet, you can now accurately dial in the amount of line off the reel when deep-dropping. It’s offered in 1,000-, 1,500- and 3,000-yard spools, each in 65-, 80- and 130-pound-test. It also features PowerPro’s patented Enhanced Body Technology to create a rounder, smoother and more sensitive line.

Costa Fergs

A pair of blue-polarized lens Costa Fergs sunglasses.
Costa Fergs Costa del Mar

A good pair of polarized sunglasses is vital for a day on the water. A nod to Costa Sunglasses’ founder, Ray Ferguson, the new Fergs have performance details such as glare-blocking top and side shields, integrated textured Hydrolite rubber, and vented adjustable nose pads. Whether in glass or plastic, the lenses offer 100 percent UV protection and polarization, and are prescription-ready as well.


Simms Women’s Challenger Jacket and Bib Set

A pair of Simms Women’s Challenger Jacket and Bib Set on a white background.
Simms Women’s Challenger Jacket and Bib Set Simms

The Challenger jacket and bib are constructed using a durable waterproof, breathable two-layer fabric that’s designed specifically to fit women and provides an unhindered range of motion. The jacket has an adjustable hood, center-front zipper with a waterproof storm flap, and a chest pocket with a built-in sunglasses chamois. The bib comes equipped with a pass-through hand-warmer pocket, adjustable suspenders, and knee-high zips for easy on/off.

Yeti Roadie 24

Yeti Roadie 24 on a white background.
Yeti Roadie 24 YETI

An updated version of the already popular Roadie 20, this one is 10 percent lighter, has 20 percent greater capacity and is 30 percent more thermally efficient. Thanks to a slightly taller design, the Roadie 24 can now hold a standard bottle of wine upright, while the new latches open with one hand. Four colors are available: white, charcoal, tan and navy.

MagBay GI 24 Wahoo Lure

MagBay GI 24 Wahoo Lure on a white background.
MagBay GI 24 Wahoo Lure MagBay

Go deep: This 24-ounce wahoo lure has quad jets and a protruding nosepiece that can be removed for a more erratic action or left in place for high-speed trolling. The corrosion-resistant, iridescent head coating has out-fished traditional chrome or stainless steel in side-by-side comparisons, and the double-rigged skirt surface offers flexibility in reskirting, from traditional rubber lure skirts to mylar, nylon hair and more.


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