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Most Recent Stories in Boats

  • The custom builder crafts outstanding sport-fishing machine

    Perched on the edge of the rainforest in Costa Rica, Maverick Yachts is quietly churning out some of sport-fishing’s finest boats.
  • Jarrett Bay 110 On the Drawing Board

    A custom masterpiece from a renowned builder

    Following on the heels of the incredible 90-foot Jaruco, North Carolina's Jarrett Bay Boatworks has announced plans for a 110-footer that will stretch the boundaries of…
  • Rebirth of a Legend

    Capt. Skip Smith rebuilds the world-famous Hooker

    Capt. Skip Smith rebuilds the world-famous Hooker…
  • Understanding Maritime Liens

    These arise automatically as a matter of law.

    Sometimes referred to as "secret liens," understanding the basics of maritime liens are important for all boat owners.

Latest Boat Reviews

  • Blackwell Boatworks 57 Review

    An unusual design that is imminently fishable.

    The 57-foot Hybrid from North Carolina's Blackwell Boatworks is a unique, easy-to-fish machine that is at home anywhere in the world.
  • Paul Mann 61 Jichi Boat Review

    Form follows function in this beautiful sport-fisher.

    Jichi is a singular masterpiece from one of the world's top custom builders: Paul Mann Custom Boats.
  • Mama C was built to be a fast, durable fishing machine, and she is all Bayliss

    The 60-foot Mama C from Bayliss Boatworks is the first of a new breed of fishing machine, designed to chase billfish worldwide.
  • A redesigned classic takes her place among the legends

    Bertram Yachts has reemerged as a bluewater powerhouse boatbuilder, thanks in part to the strength of an all-new 35-foot masterpiece.

Virtual Boat Tours

  • Marlin fans get an exclusive look at the new sport-fisher thanks to the 360-degree camera

    Pictures are great, but a virtual tour is better. Marlin gives its fans an interactive look at Viking's new 44-foot boat.
  • Marlin hopped on the new sport-fisher at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to show its fans a different perspective

    Marlin hopped on the newest sport-fisher from Spencer Yachts at the 2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to show its fans an interactive perspective.
  • With Marlin's 360-degree camera, you can see every inch of the engine rooms on these hulls

    With Marlin's 360-degree camera, you can see every inch of the engine rooms on these hulls…
  • A new look at these new hulls, giving you total control of the camera from the bridge

    Grab complete control of the view, using Marlin's 360-degree camera as you scan the scene from atop these new sport-fishers' bridges.

Inboard Boat Engines

  • The company introduces its largest engines to date

    Volvo Penta tops the 1,000-hp category with its new D13-1000 inboard diesel engines.
  • Improved engine technology means more power and better efficiency

    The newest batch of inboard engines have improved power and fuel efficiency.
  • Seakeeper duo Shepard McKenney and John Adams teamed up to create an innovative concept that is forever changing the way we look at boating and fishing offshore.

    Unlikely duo, but Shepard McKenney and John Adams teamed up to create Seakeeper.
  • JB 90

    Follow the boat build of the 90-foot Jarrett Bay, the largest ever made by Jarrett Bay

    The 90-foot Project Ireland from Jarrett Bay is expected to hit the water in spring 2017.

Boat Tests


Behind the Boat

  • An inside look at a legendary boatbuilder

    Join Marlin as we take an inside look at one of sport-fishing's most iconic boatbuilders: Bertram Yachts. Their state of the art manufacturing facility in Tampa,…
  • Get to know the man behind the iconic boat company

    Jarrett Bay Boatworks founder Randy Ramsey discusses how his company came to be.
  • Open Fly will be ready for the seamounts in Costa Rica soon

    The new 50-footer from Maverick Yachts heads to the marina for the very first time. It's only a matter of time before this beautiful sport-fisher is ready to chase blue…
  • A guided tour of the company's manufacturing facility

    Go on a guided video tour of the Seakeeper manufacturing plant in Mohnton, Pennsylvania, with the editors of Marlin.

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