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  • viking yacht 58 convertible on the water

    A modern legend hits the water

    Viking Yacht Co. has introduced an updated version of its classic 58-foot convertible, and she's a winner right out of the gate.
  • maverick yachts new 36ft walkaround sport fisher

    A versatile design emerges from the Pacific-based builder

    The Maverick 36 Walkaround is a refreshing new look at what a stylish game boat can be, from a highly regarded custom boatbuilder.
  • winter custom yachts first light

    First Light is the largest North Carolina-built custom express

    First Light is designed to be the epitome of an express design, with a big-boat feel and yachtlike interior.
  • spencer yachts centurion on the water

    Hull No. 100 from the renowned Carolina builder is a stunner

    Handcrafting 100 custom sport-fishers is a memorable milestone, achieved my only a select few. Paul Spencer and his team at Spencer Yachts joined those ranks with the…

Virtual Boat Tours

  • Marlin fans get an exclusive look at the new sport-fisher thanks to the 360-degree camera

    Pictures are great, but a virtual tour is better. Marlin gives its fans an interactive look at Viking's new 44-foot boat.
  • Marlin hopped on the new sport-fisher at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to show its fans a different perspective

    Marlin hopped on the newest sport-fisher from Spencer Yachts at the 2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to show its fans an interactive perspective.
  • With Marlin's 360-degree camera, you can see every inch of the engine rooms on these hulls

    With Marlin's 360-degree camera, you can see every inch of the engine rooms on these hulls…
  • A new look at these new hulls, giving you total control of the camera from the bridge

    Grab complete control of the view, using Marlin's 360-degree camera as you scan the scene from atop these new sport-fishers' bridges.

Inboard Boat Engines

  • yacht pod drive system

    These versatile drive systems are not as popular as once thought

    Once thought to be a revolutionary new drive system, pods just haven't caught on in the world of sport-fishing.
  • man engines v12 2000

    The new V12 and V8 powerplants offer high horsepower and low weight

    MAN has recently introduced two new powerplants for the marine industry: the V12-2000 and the V8-1300. Both offer high horsepower plus relatively light weight.
  • 73 foot yacht made by michael rybovich and sons boatworks

    The 73-footer is the first boat in the U.S. with ZF Marine’s SteerCommand electric steering system

    The first sea trial was held on the 73-foot No Agenda, built by Michael Rybovich and Sons Boatworks in Palm Beach, Florida, to test the new ZF Marine Propulsion’s…

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Behind the Boat

  • Big things from the Sunshine State

    We dropped in on a few of Florida’s custom builders, including Gamefisherman, Rybovich, ACY and Garlington, to check on some new boats under construction.
  • Privileged access to North Carolina’s storied sport-fishing history

    We were welcomed with open arms when we popped in on the builders of some of today’s finest fishing machines.
  • An inside look at a legendary boatbuilder

    Join Marlin as we take an inside look at one of sport-fishing's most iconic boatbuilders: Bertram Yachts. Their state of the art manufacturing facility in Tampa,…
  • Get to know the man behind the iconic boat company

    Jarrett Bay Boatworks founder Randy Ramsey discusses how his company came to be.

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