The Stunning Seychelles: Mahe'

Chasing black marlin in the Indian Ocean

The Marlin team traveled to the islands of the Seychelles to witness some incredible sport-fishing action, and needless to say the action did not disappoint. The Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean roughly 500 miles east of Kenya, and they are home to some of the best angling in the world.

Marlin Senior Editor Sam White fished out of Eden Island Marina on the main island of Mahe' and had off-the-charts wahoo and yellowfin tuna fishing , and the fishing was so good at times that they often had to pull in the lines in order to target other species. The wahoo averaged from 20 to 40 pounds and the yellowfin tuna were consistently around 30 pounds each.

The region’s black marlin fishing is also consistently very good. In just over two days of fishing, the team released three blacks in the 175- to 300-pound range, although much larger fish are caught with regularity. Most boats troll a mixed spread of larger lures in close (with the Moldcraft Wide Range and Super Chugger series being especially productive), with smaller lure/strip bait combinations on the outriggers farther back. Small birds are used to add a bit of splash ahead of the trolled lures.

Back ashore, the team found the island of Mahe’ to be charming and clean, with an amazingly low crime rate and very high levels of education and employment among the local population. Distantly remote and yet beautifully scenic, the journey to the Seychelles was the trip of a lifetime.