Jim Smith 43 Walkaround: On the Drawing Board

A tender for the 86-foot Sapelo, this 43-footer will turn heads.

Jim Smith 43 Walkaround Fishing Boat
The custom 43-foot walkaround will be powered by quad outboards and will be completed later this summer.Courtesy Jim Smith Tournament Boats

Jim Smith Tournament Boats recently began construction of a 43-foot walkaround that will serve as the tender for Sapelo, the 86-foot Jim Smith completed in 2015. Built for those who don’t want a production center console, this walkaround is designed with fishing, diving and cruising in mind. The 43 will feature a one-stateroom, one-head configuration and will have a galley and forward settee, an ideal configuration for quick trips to an outer island. “When traveling on a boat as big as the 86, not everyone on board always wants to fish, and you either have to kick them off or make them go along,” says John Vance, president at Jim Smith Tournament Boats. “Having this tender will allow those wanting to fish or dive to do so while the others stay on the big boat at the marina.”

Renderings Jim Smith 43 Walkaround Fishing Boat
Powered by four outboard motors, this 43-footer will serve as the tender for the 86-foot Sapelo.Courtesy Jim Smith Tournament Boats

This particular 43 will be powered by quad outboards, but the builder offers options for traditional shafts or pod drives. “The outboards provide us with the extra space for a stateroom that you would normally lose in a boat of this size,” comments Vance. The 43 is expected to be completed in June 2016, and you can bet Marlin will be on it shortly thereafter for a sea trial once she hits the water.

Jim Smith 43 Build Photos
Production continues on the 43-foot walkaround from Jim Smith Tournament Boats.Courtesy Jim Smith Tournament Boats