Roatan International Fishing Tournament Wrap-Up

A 280-pound marlin and an 80-pound sailfish gave first place to the Islander

October 10, 2012

Rosales won first place thanks to a double fishing on the opening day of the event by working a marlin from 280 to 300 pounds and a sailfish of 80 pounds.

“This time there were not many billfish. On this occasion it hit at 7:45 am, we filmed and released it at 8:45 am” recalled Rosales, Bill fish champion, as he did for seven years ago.

Rosales shared his boat with Chris Rosales, Raul Bodden, Edwin Bush, Ivy Byrd and Greg Ebanks.


Rosales did not think that the achievements of the first day were enough to take the top honor and the check for Lps275, 777.60 (roughly $13,985.00 US Dollars)
” From the money, Lps123,000.00 ($6,237.00) are for expenses. Then I will donate 5,000 ($254.00) to two churches of Roatan” added the athlete.


Other positions
Second place went to Eric Galindo and Captain Lenden with the crew of Jorge Guillen, Moody Jones, Eddie Galindo and Polin Galindo.

The boat Ice Cube took third prize, led by Raul Ruiz and his assistants René Correa, Roberto Rivera, Eduardo Rivera and Abel Johnson.


In the rodeo category Ken McNab won aboard Tide Knot, along with Kenny McNab, David Borden, Dixon and Howie Kenrick Woods.

The runner-up was Terren Bodden in Wahoo Retriver, accompanied by Waylon Borden, Marvin Borden, Daren Arias and Matthew Borden.

The Billy Kai won thrid place, with captain Justin Workford and his crew: Pablo Zuniga, Justin Jackson, Bruce Redken and Douglas Redken.


The junior category was monopolized by Eddie Miller in Captain Nige with Nigel, Flecher, Andell and Chris Miller.

–– Source: Devin McNab | Pristine Bay Resort


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