King Sailfish Mounts Introduces New Mobile Access Website

Now you can order your next fish mount from the boat!

i_got_one_on website landing page

i_got_one_on website landing page

Visit to order your next release mount directly from the boat.

Order Your Next Mount, Right There in the Fighting Chair!, a new mobile access website by King Sailfish Mounts gives anglers the opportunity to order a mount of their trophy fish "Right There in the Fighting Chair." With mobile access, pricing, delivery time and even images of how your mount will look are at your fingertips. Choose "Order Now" and production will begin immediately, or select "Send to My Email" and an order-ready quotation will be waiting for you on your computer at home. This is the easiest and quickest way to get your mount on the wall, and by Industry Leader King Sailfish Mounts.

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Years ago, sportsmen would send their actual fish to taxidermists for mounting. With the development of new techniques and increasing concern for marine conservation, most anglers now choose to release their trophy catch alive and order release mounts — which are created by marine artists using only composite materials and do not require any of the actual fish parts.

Release mounts are produced from molds, which were originally made from a real fish, so the reproduction of anatomical accuracy is perfect in every way. Photographs often will accompany the order, allowing the artist to match the exact color patterns of the angler's fish, thereby giving greater authenticity to the mount.

King Sailfish Mounts, Inc. (KSM) of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, pioneered the release mount concept for Atlantic sailfish. Over 20 years later, KSM now offers mounts of all species of marine and freshwater game fish.

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King Sailfish Mounts was originally formed to introduce the Release mount concept for Atlantic sailfish. KSM now offers all species of marine and freshwater game fish mounts, and has been credited with contributing more toward marine conservation than any other company in the taxidermy industry.

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