New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018

The new breed of sport-fishers is perhaps the best yet
New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
Jaruco, the highly anticipated 90-footer from Jarrett Bay Boatworks, made her tournament debut in early 2018. Courtesy Jarrett Bay Boatworks

The boatbuilding industry is as strong as ever, and while new builds continue to grow ever larger in size, boats in the 60-foot range also remain very popular — we highlight eight new models from 60 to 70 feet in this year’s lineup.

Express and walkaround designs are also attractive options, especially for owner/operators who fish with family or friends on a regular basis. So whether you prefer a 90-foot battlewagon or a 45-foot express, there is a boat for you coming soon.

Betram Yachts 61

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
Expected to hit the water in early 2018, the Bertram 61 pays tribute to the classic battlewagons of the 1980s and ’90s while displaying the modern construction, advanced technology and features found in the latest generation of Bertram sport-fishers. There is a familiar look to the boat’s classic lines that is distinctly Bertram at a distance; up close, the interior features a unique salon and galley layout as well as a full-beam master suite. A pair of 1,900-horsepower Caterpillar C32 engines is expected to provide excellent performance as well. LOA: 61’1″ | Beam: 18’3″ | Draft: 3’8″ | Displacement: 92,450 lb. | Fuel: 1,720 gal.
Water: 280 gal. | Power: Twin 1,900 hp Caterpillar C32
Courtesy Bertram Yachts

Gamefisherman 50

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
With a huge cockpit complete with mezzanine seating, teak deck and covering boards, the Gamefisherman 50 Express is designed to fish. The Bausch American tower and Rupp outriggers will make setting the spread a pleasure, while the rocket launcher and plumbing for dual on-deck livewells give her owners plenty of flexibility when chasing any ­billfish species. Belowdecks is a spacious salon and galley with owner’s stateroom forward. The Caterpillar C12.9 engines are expected to push her to a cruise speed in the mid-30-knot range, with a top end approaching 40 knots. LOA: 50′ | Beam: 16’3″ | Draft: 4’3″ | Displacement: 45,000 lb. | Fuel: 800 gal.
Water: 200 gal. | Power: Twin 1,000 hp Caterpillar C12.9
Courtesy Gamefisherman

Jim Smith Tournament Boats 60

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
Eurybia, Hull No. 34 from Jim Smith in Stuart, Florida, will be a 60-foot walkaround. A cold-molded hull designed by naval architect Donald Blount, combined with a pair of 1,650-horsepower MTU engines, should produce a top speed of 45 knots and a cruise of 35 knots at 1,850 rpm. Notable features include a fully air-conditioned bridge deck, joystick control with station-keeping, a full tuna tower by Palm Beach Towers and more, all in a safe and incredibly fishable walkaround design. Eurybia will debut in early 2018. LOA: 60′ | Beam: 18’6″ | Draft: 3’6″ | Displacement: 52,000 lb. | Fuel: 1,500 gal.
Water: 350 gal. | Power: Twin 1,650 hp MTU M96
Courtesy Jim Smith Tournament Boats

Caison Yachts 60

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
Cold Motion will hit the water in early 2018, fishing the Custom Shootout in the Bahamas before heading to Orange Beach, Alabama, where she will hunt marlin and tuna in the Gulf of Mexico. The boat will feature a three-stateroom/­two-head layout with forward master suite, and will be powered by Caterpillar C32A engines, which are projected to produce a 38-knot cruise and 43-knot top end. Two 25-kilowatt ­generators, Seakeeper 16 gyrostabilizer, Spot Zero system and a full complement of tuna tubes are just part of the extensive list of optional equipment. LOA: 60’4″ | Beam: 17’8″ | Draft: 4’6″ | Displacement: 65,000 lb. | Fuel: 1,600 gal.
Water: 250 gal. | Power: Twin 1,700 hp Caterpillar C32A
Courtesy Caison Yachts

Scarborough Boatworks 63

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
Expected to splash in winter 2018, the newest custom sport-fisher from Ricky Scarborough will feature a ­beautiful three-stateroom/three-head layout with teak interior. The boat will be topped with a full Palm Beach Towers tuna tower, while a pair of 20-kilowatt Northern Lights generators provides reliable power away from the dock. With an estimated cruising speed in the mid-30-knot range and a fuel capacity of 1,600 gallons, she has the speed and range to reach any hot bite in a hurry. LOA: 63’6″ | Beam: 18′ | Draft: 5′ | Displacement: 85,000 lb. | Fuel: 1,600 gal.
Water: 250 gal. | Power: Twin 1,925 hp Caterpillar C32A
Courtesy Scarborough Boatworks

Viking Yachts 68

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
The four-stateroom Viking 68 Convertible is another proven bluewater performer from the New Jersey powerhouse boatbuilder. Anglers and crews will love the 176-square-foot cockpit with air-conditioned mezzanine. For the owners: a starboard master stateroom that spans nearly the full beam, thanks to a layout that places the companionway to port. Hull No. 1 sports a beautiful ­high-gloss walnut interior, but as with all Vikings, custom options are available. The Viking 68C is expected to debut during the 2018 Miami Yacht Show. LOA: 68’7″ | Beam: 19’2″ | Draft: 5’5″ | Displacement: 115,306 lb. | Fuel: 2,060 gal.
Water: 344 gal. | Power: Twin 1,945 hp MTU 2000 V12 M96L (*optional)
Courtesy Viking Yachts

Jarrett Bay Boatworks 67

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
Privateer is one of the most exceptional boats in our lineup, with a design that combines throwback styling with modern construction materials and techniques, courtesy of North Carolina’s Jarrett Bay Boatworks. The extended-trunk cabin will offer a roomy, luxurious interior layout with helm station, while the 195-square-foot cockpit will highlight the boat’s strong fishing pedigree. Privateer is expected to hit the water in late 2018. LOA: 67’3″ | Beam: 18’8″ | Draft: 4’10” | Displacement: 70,000 lb. | Fuel: 1,400 gal.
Water: 200 gal. | Power: Twin 1,135 hp Caterpillar C18A
Courtesy Jarrett Bay Boatworks

Ritchie Howell Yachts 61

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
With her Alexseal metallic paint and near-40-knot top end, Ritchie Howell’s newest design will be a head-turner ­wherever she fishes. A Pipewelders top, Seakeeper gyro­stabilizer and full Garmin electronics package ups the ante, and the highly engineered variable deadrise bottom could make her one of the best-riding new boats of the year. LOA: 61’8″ | Beam: 18′ | Draft: 4′ | Displacement: 63,000 lb. | Fuel: 1,400 gal.
Water: 300 gal. | Power: Twin 1,150 hp Caterpillar C18A
Courtesy Ritchie Howell Yachts

Merritt 77

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
From the storied boatbuilders at Merritt’s Boat and Engine Works in Pompano Beach, Florida, comes an all-new custom sport-fisher: the Merritt 77. The four-stateroom/five-head layout is founded on a high-performance bottom designed by naval architect Michael Peters, using Merritt’s advanced composite construction process; with the proposed 2,600-horsepower MTU engines, the boat is expected to cruise at 36 knots and top out at an incredible 45 knots. Length: 77′ | Beam: 21’2″ | Draft: 5’6″ | Displacement: 130,000 lb. | Fuel: 2,850 gal.
Water: 450 gal. | Power: Twin 2,600 hp MTU 16V2000 M96L
Courtesy Merritt

Hatteras Yachts GT59

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
Hatteras Yachts designed the all-new GT59 with input from top tournament pros; the end result is a boat that combines 40-plus-knot top speeds with outstanding seakeeping ability and that legendary Hatteras ride. The newest in the GT series of sport-fishers, the boat will have a spacious standard three-­stateroom/two-head layout, with the choice of an optional tackle center or third head. Hatteras Yachts is based in New Bern, North Carolina. LOA: 59’9″ | Beam: 18’9″ | Draft: 4’9″ | Displacement: 89,000 lb. | Fuel: 1,750 gal.
Water: 200 gal. | Power: Twin 1,600 hp Caterpillar C32A
Courtesy Hatteras Yachts

Henriques Yachts 42

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
The newest vessel from New Jersey boatbuilder Henriques Yachts is the 42-foot Express Hardtop Bridge. The hand-laid fiberglass hulls are renowned for their strength and sea­worthiness, and the configuration allows for year-round fishing in nearly any weather condition. The sizable cockpit has a molded-in transom door, livewell, two cavernous refrigerated fish boxes, mezzanine seating, and other features normally found only on much larger sport-fishers. Below is a master stateroom with head plus salon and galley for overnight expeditions. LOA: 42′ | Beam: 14’9″ | Draft: 3’9″ | Displacement: 37,000 lb. | Fuel: 660 gal.
Water: 120 gal. | Power: Twin 715 hp Cummins QSMII
Courtesy Henriques Yachts

Winter Custom Yachts 45

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
The Winter 45 Walkaround is designed to be the perfect all-around fishing platform. On the bridge deck, L-shaped seating on either side of the helm backs up to the aft-facing cockpit mezzanine, giving the entire crew easy access to the action. Below is a large galley with Sub-Zero ­refrigeration and abundant storage plus sleeping arrangements for overnight trips. The boat’s twin Caterpillar C12.9 engines will produce an expected cruise speed of 33 knots, and a Seakeeper 9 gyrostabilizer and 17-kilowatt generator are just some of the boat’s many options. LOA: 45’3″ | Beam: 15’1″ | Draft: 3’1″ | Displacement: 34,000 lb. | Fuel: 800 gal.
Water: 150 gal. | Power: Twin 1,000 hp Caterpillar C12.9
Courtesy Winter Custom Yachts

Sea Force IX 56.5

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
The newest build from Sea Force IX is an innovative 56-foot sport yacht featuring the company’s famed monolithic construction; the composite hull will have a unique tunnel design that maintains efficiency and lift as well as provide for a shallow draft. The 56.5 can be fully customized to fit the needs of any owner. Notable standard features include a 21-kilowatt generator, chilled-water air-conditioning system and articulating high-aspect rudders. LOA: 56’8″ | Beam: 17’2″ | Draft: 5’3″ | Displacement: 60,000 lb. | Fuel: 1,400 gal.
Water: 150 gal. | Power: Twin 1,920 hp MTU 12V2000 M96L
Courtesy Sea Force

Michael Rybovich and Sons 78

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
Hull No. 5 from Michael Rybovich and Sons is a 78-footer designed to chase giant bluefin tuna in the Northeast. With the long runs to the fishing grounds, speed is a primary consideration: The boat’s twin 2,600-horsepower MTU engines are expected to produce a fully loaded cruising speed of 37 knots and a top end in the mid-40-knot range. The 78 will also feature all-electric steering with dynamic positioning, as well as a four-stateroom/­four-and-a-half-head layout. LOA: 78′ | Beam: 21′ | Draft: 5′ | Displacement: 118,000 lb. | Fuel: 2,500 gal.
Water: 450 gal. | Power: Twin 2,600 hp MTU 16V 2000 M96L
Courtesy Michael Rybovich and Sons

Maverick Yachts 43

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
Building on the experience of more than 35,000 hours at sea on the original Maverick 43, Spanish Fly, the Costa Rican ­boatbuilder commissioned naval architect Erwin Gerards to modernize the 43 to incorporate an updated hull design and refined ­arrangements. The advantages of her cold-molded wood hull have been retained while also utilizing the latest in modern construction materials. As with all Maverick Yachts, the 43 is designed for outstanding performance, easy maintenance and economy of ­operation, and will be a worthy successor to the legend. LOA: 43′ | Beam: 14’8″ | Draft: 3’8″ | Displacement: 35,000 lb. | Fuel: 600 gal.
Water: 100 gal. | Power: Twin Cummins 600 hp QSC 8.3
Courtesy Maverick Yachts

Spencer Yachts 50

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
One benefit of a custom builder is the ability to meet a client’s specific needs. When a previous Spencer owner approached Paul Spencer and his design team about building a shallow-draft, speedy sport-fisher for the Great Lakes, the result will be a new 50-footer that exceeds these parameters. The latest from Spencer Yachts will offer a projected top speed of more than 50 knots, using twin 1,000-horsepower Caterpillar engines coupled with water-jet drives for an acutely shallow draft. Joystick maneuverability further adds to the allure of the new boat. LOA: 52’6″ | Beam: 15’4″ | Draft: 2’1″ | Displacement: 38,000 lb. | Fuel: 700 gal.
Water: 200 gal. | Power: Twin 1,000 hp Caterpillar C12 with MJP Water-Jet Drives
Courtesy Spencer Yachts

Bayliss Boatworks 75

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
The newest from Bayliss Boatworks in Wanchese, North Carolina, will be part of a two-boat program, built to travel and fish remote destinations. She will be equipped with seven custom stainless refrigerator/freezer boxes, a pair of Tier III Northern Lights 30-kilowatt generators, a Seakeeper 26 gyrostabilizer, dual 1,000-pound-per-day icemakers, and more. As with all Bayliss boats, her beauty and fishability will be unsurpassed. LOA: 75′ | Beam: 20’8″ | Draft: 5’10” | Displacement: 128,000 lb. | Fuel: 2,500 gal.
Water: 450 gal. | Power: Twin 2,600 hp MTU M96L V16
Courtesy Bayliss Boatworks

American Custom Yachts 68

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
The latest build from American Custom Yachts represents a transition in design and process for the Stuart, Florida-based boatbuilder. The 68-footer will feature a minimized sheer-line sweep along the profile and a modified-lift strake configuration. The vessel’s topsides and bridge will be constructed utilizing a composite resin-infusion process. Performance with her twin Caterpillar C32A engines is expected to be outstanding. LOA: 68’4″ | Beam: 18’9″ | Draft: 5’2″ | Displacement: 87,000 lb. | Fuel: 2,350 gal.
Water: 240 gal. | Power: Twin 1,925 hp Caterpillar C32A
Courtesy American Custom Yachts

Shearline Boatworks 58

New Sport-Fishing Boats for 2018
The North Carolina-based Shearline Boatworks is building a beautiful new 58-footer that is expected to splash in late spring 2018. Among her many options will be a stunning cherry hardwood interior and a full tower by Carolina Custom Towers. A 30-knot cruise and 38-knot top end make her a quick, reliable performer, fishing from her new home port of Cape Canaveral, Florida. LOA: 58’9″ | Beam: 17’6″ | Draft: 4′ | Displacement: 59,000 lb. | Fuel: 1,200 gal.
Water: 200 gal. | Power: Twin 1,150 hp Caterpillar C18
Courtesy Shearline Boatworks

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