New Dredge Fishing Products

Three hot new dredges

Tackle changes slowly in the fast-paced world of sport fishing, but we constantly seek innovation. Sailfish and marlin aren’t getting any smarter, but our human brains tell us we need more options. Here are a few products to check out if you want to step up your dredge game this season.

Fish Downsea Complete 2.0 Shad Dredge

Fish Downsea Complete 2.0 Shad DredgeJon Whittle

This new dredge from Fish Downsea has all the ready-to-fish essentials right out of the box. A nod to the already-existing dredge shads on the market, these fish are made using a super-tough formula with thicker tail connections that are pre-notched, making them extremely durable, especially when paired with Downsea's Dredge Flares — a must for any boat where rigging time is at a premium.

Squidnation Black Flap and Dredge Skullz Double Dredge

Squidnation Black Flap and Dredge Skullz Double DredgeJon Whittle

The innovators at Squidnation have combined their marlin-attracting Black Flaps with new Skullz dredge heads in this double dredge. These bullet-shaped treats are pre-drilled for dredge wires, have a ridged base ­— if you prefer to tie your own skirts — and are lightweight with realistic eyes. When these two products are combined in a double-dredge design, the result is a profile like no other.

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Fire Tailz Billfish Bacon Dredge

Fire Tailz Billfish Bacon DredgeJon Whittle

Fire Tailz simplified this version by using less material for better swimming action and less drag. By utilizing simple physics of directional water flow and other hydrodynamic parameters, these second-generation vinyl dredge baits are some of the most realistic-performing artificial offerings in today's competitive dredge market. The Billfish Bacon dredge is designed to be pulled without skirts and comes in a variety of colors to help you match your hatch.