Mercury Introduces New Outboard Power

The V-6 family grows with the addition of new 175-, 200- and 225-hp outboard motors

boston whaler yacht with mercury marine engines
The new engines are designed for today's larger and heavier outboard-powered boats.Courtesy Mercury Marine

Mercury Marine has introduced a new V-6 four-stroke outboard lineup. The new engine family features 175-, 200- and 225 hp four-stroke outboards and a V-6 200 hp SeaPro commercial outboard. The engines are built on the new 3.4-liter V-6 platform, which is designed to be powerful, light, compact and fuel-efficient.

mercury fourtstroke outboard motors
The new engines can be serviced from the top of the cowling.Courtesy Mercury Marine

The new V-6 engines are precision engineered from skeg to cowl. “This new platform will position Mercury to advance product leadership in the 175- to 225 hp outboard category, and deliver across the board on consumer needs,” says Mercury Marine president John Pfeifer.

mercury fourtstroke outboard motors
Among the engine's many notable features is idle charge battery-management that that protects against drained batteries while operating multiple electronic devices at low rpm.Courtesy Mercury Marine

The 3.4-liter V-6 employs a large displacement, naturally aspirated powerhead and proven mid-section and drive-system designs. Additionally, the 3.4L V-6 outboards are exceptionally versatile, offering the option of mechanical or digital controls, hydraulic or power steering, and black or white cowls on four-stroke-branded products, as well as a variety of accent panel colors. “These outboards set a new benchmark in the marine industry,” says Pfeifer. “They are the quietest, lightest, smoothest, quickest and most fuel-efficient engines we have produced in this range.”

Other innovations that further differentiate the 3.4L V-6 are a top cowl service door that provides easy oil check and fill (if needed) without removing the cowl, making routine maintenance easier than ever before; idle charge battery-management capability that protects against consumers draining batteries while operating multiple electronic devices, and best-in-class net charging output of 20 amps at 650 rpm, and adaptive speed control that maintains rpm regardless of load or condition changes, improving the driving experience.