Mercury Introduces 400 hp Carbon Edition Verado Outboard

The new engine is perfect for high-horsepower applications

The new motors are wrapped in a sleek carbon package.Courtesy Mercury Marine

Mercury Racing has unveiled the newest engine in its high-horsepower lineup: the 400R Carbon Edition. The new motor is a high-performance Verado outboard featuring lightweight carbon fiber composite. Carbon Edition 400Rs share all of the industry-leading performance characteristics and creature comforts of its 400R siblings, while providing an even higher level of luxury with this bold visual treatment.

Perfect for twin, triple or quad applications, the new motors allow anglers to reach a hot bite faster than ever before.Courtesy Mercury Marine

At 153 horsepower per liter, Mercury Racing’s 400R is the most powerful consumer outboard ever produced by Mercury and provides the highest power-to-weight of all other four-stroke outboards in its class. This incredible achievement in power and efficiency was achieved through several advancements to the proven 2.6L Verado platform. This powerhouse is designed to complement the latest generation of high performance hulls.

Electronic knock control enables the engine to safely run on 89-octane fuel when the recommended premium 91-octane fuel is not available to maximize performance. Structural upgrades incorporated into the 2.6L cylinder block and head ensure classic Verado durability, even at this higher power output.

The 400R is built on Mercury's proven racing platform.Courtesy Mercury Marine

The 400R is the first Mercury Racing outboard to feature Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO) technology. Joystick Piloting takes the stress out of docking, maneuvering in tight spaces and operating in tight quarters by providing boaters 360-degree movement at their fingertips. The intuitive design of the joystick lets anyone maneuver large boats with ease and confidence. JPO 400R models are available exclusively with cambered Sport Master gearcases. Mercury Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) replaces the lag and hesitation of traditional throttle and shift cables with digital precision, resulting in smooth shifting and instant throttle response.