Line Up Your Lures

Keeping things orderly prevents time-consuming tangles

Marlin tips line up lures

Marlin tips line up lures

Keep your lures lined up to prevent tangles.Dave Ferrell

Everyone knows how important the proper use of your time can be when fishing in tournaments — what many people don’t realize is that it pays to save time no matter when you’re fishing. When fun fishing, you might not have a set quit time like you do in a tournament, but the more time your baits, lures and teasers spend in the water, the better chance you’ll have of raising a fish.

Capt. Newt Cagle worked the deck for us on the Alina during a session of Marlin University down in the Dominican Republic, and this knowledgeable and polite young man put on quite a show for our students. He worked hard all day and made it look effortless.

One of the many cool things he showed me was how he lines up his chain teasers in between bites. Cagle lines the teaser chains up on the gunwale in order to get them back overboard without having to worry about a time-consuming tangle.

He simply gathers up the chain, lining up the individual lures, being careful not to tangle the leads. He then inserts the lead lure into the rod holder and lays the heavier lure and bait combo across the skirts of the other lures to hold them down and to keep the lure from rolling around.