Hook Position Strategy

A quick tip for deploying hooks at the right angle and direction
positioning lures
A subtle change in the direction and position of the hooks in your lures can help you release more marlin. Capt. Skipper Gentry

While fishing throughout the Bahamas, the Carolinas and in the Caribbean aboard Carolina Gentleman, I have noticed that almost all of our blue marlin bites have come from inside out in the spread. When lure fishing almost always with 90-degree offset double hook-sets, I make sure my crew and anglers pay very close attention when deploying the lures so that they are pulled with one hook facing down and the other hook facing toward the inside of the spread.

If a lure is on the right rigger, for example, one hook faces left and the other down, and vice versa for the lures on the left side of the spread. I really have seen it make a difference in the number of bites we are turning into hookups — it’s another one of those subtle changes in your gear that can make a big impact at the end of the day.


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