Five Best Tube Lures for Marlin Fishing

These time-proven designs deserve a spot in your billfishing fishing spread

June 15, 2017
best tube lures for marlin fishing
A good all-around design, tube lures are highly productive marlin lures. Marlin Magazine

The tube design is a great marlin lure for several reasons. They are aggressive swimmers, giving the appearance of a fleeing mackerel or tuna as they splash and smoke across the surface of the ocean. Tubes tend to run straight with a terrific bubble trail, making them easy for a marlin to locate amid the waves. This style of lure excels in calm to moderate seas but aren’t a great choice in rough conditions. It’s no coincidence that all five designers have strong ties to Hawaii, a fishery that’s well-known for its calm seas and big blue marlin. Here are five of the best tube lures on the market today.

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Aloha Lures Smash Bait Tube

aloha lures smash bait tube lure for marlin
Aloha Lures Smash Bait Tube Courtesy Melton Tackle

Erik Rusnak’s Aloha Lures are a standout from Hawaii. At over 16 inches long, the Smash Bait is among the largest of the tube lures and has an aggressive head bevel for terrific action. Rusnak recommends fishing the Smash Bait from the short or long corner on heavy tackle.


Black Bart Kona Classic Tube

black bart kona classic tube lure for marlin
Black Bart Kona Classic Tube Courtesy Melton Tackle

The Kona Classic Tube is one of Capt. Bart Miller’s personal favorites, and the lure has accounted for world-record catches and tournament wins in marlin fisheries all over the world. Miller suggests running it from the short or long rigger positions in calm to moderate seas with a single 10/0 hook and heavy tackle.

Coggin Copa Tube

coggin copa tube lure for marlin
Coggin Copa Tube Courtesy Melton Tackle

Handmade by expert lure maker Steve Coggin, the Copa Tube creates plenty of action on the surface and is an outstanding lure for blue marlin. It’s best from the long corner or long rigger positions.

Koya Malolo Tube

koya malolo tube lure for marlin
Koya Malolo Tube Courtesy Melton Tackle

Eric “Koya” Koyangi hand-crafts his lures in the style of the masters like Henry Chee, Joe Yee and others. The Malolo Tube features mylar “wings” that mimic flying fish, an old-school touch that still raises plenty of marlin anywhere in the world. Fish this one from the riggers on heavy tackle and hold on.


Marlin Magic Mirror Large Tube

marlin magic mirror large tube lure for marlin
Marlin Magic Large Mirror Tube Courtesy Melton Tackle

This shape accounted for the first 1,000-pound marlin ever caught on standup tackle. The Marlin Magic Large Tube is an aggressive swimmer, and the mirrored head insert give it plenty of flash. At approximately 14 inches in length, it performs well with a large single hook in the 11/0 to 12/0 range.


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