Readers’ Biggest Superstitions for Offshore Fishing

A Facebook question to Marlin's fans yielded quite a few interesting answers

October 9, 2017
black marlin on leader seychelles
See which superstitions are most popular among Marlin‘s fans. Sam White

Marlin recently asked its Facebook fans what their biggest fishing superstitions are. The answers ranged from the popular “no bananas on the boat” fear to “paying the lady of the lake.” There were quite a few other less-popular superstitions, too. Below are some of the best answers Marlin received from its Facebook fans.

Keep the Bananas (Even the Liquid Kind) at Shore

Sean Janezeck: “I’m a firm believer in the bananas thing. Every boat around me is catching tuna and we aren’t. I started asking if anyone had any bananas and a guy had banana pudding. I made him throw it overboard. We started catching tuna five minutes later.”

Norm Bekoff: “No bananas or issues of Marlin magazine on the boat.”

Many anglers think sailfish and other billfish won’t bite if there’s a banana onboard. Sam White

The Other Side of the Bananas

Anthony DiGiulian: “We always have bananas on board. A century ago, it was discovered that this amazing fruit brought good luck to fishermen. Not wanting to let the secret out, a story was concocted to throw others off the track. A rumor was created that deemed them bad luck. But there are a few of us that were let in on the secret and we never leave the dock without them. They are also the perfect nutritional food for keeping hydrated and fueled on the water.”

Derek Nelson: “I eat a banana everyday…on the ride out when I fish.”

offshore sport-fishing boat
Some offshore anglers believe in certain rituals — like throwing coins in the water — to improve their chances. Andrew Cox

Pay the Lady

Todd Taylor: “Must always pay the lady of the lake before fishing begins. Pocket change works nicely for this.”


Damien Romero: “Every trip I throw $7 overboard when we start trolling to pay the fish gods.”

black marlin
One Marlin fan said pink is a necessity, and the color choice (a pink-and-white Moldcraft Super Chugger) worked to hook this black marlin. Sam White

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Mauricio Gosselin: “No beer before the first billfish is released.”

Andrew Wilson: “No one wearing a fighting belt until the reel is screaming.”


Guy Morey: “Don’t touch the landing net or gaff until a fish is on.”

Jody Mann: “You can fish with whatever color you want so long as it’s pink.”

TJ Harris: “Always release the first keeper of the year, no matter the species.”


Who Needs Fishing Superstitions?

Carlos Jimenez: Superstitions are for fishermen who need excuses.


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