Use Empty Pill Bottles for Storage

An easy way to store small equipment

empty pill bottles used for fishing equipment storage
Empty pill bottles can store crimps, among other things.Capt. Chris Kubik

Crimps are an essential piece of rigging, and keeping them organized is often a problem.

No matter whether you are rigging a lure for a grander blue marlin or a hundred leaders on circle hooks for pitch-baiting sailfish in Isla Mujeres, you cannot go anywhere without both your crimper and an assortment of crimps. I don’t know about you, but it is hard for me to distinguish between crimps of a similar size unless I have them right next to one another, and there is nothing worse than a crimp failing because the wrong size was used. I also cannot stand an unorganized tackle center.

empty pill bottles used for fishing equipment storage
Pill bottles can be stored in the cockpit, allowing you easy access to whatever equipment is inside when you need it.Capt. Chris Kubik

To remedy this and to keep them straight, I have found that used pill containers work like a charm for storing crimps, among other things. It keeps the crimps organized in a tackle drawer and also allows them to be identified quickly when you write the size in permanent marker on the lid. The pill container also keeps things handy in the cockpit by easily fitting into a cup holder in case you need to rerig chugger heads on circle hooks in the middle of a hot bite.