Cuba Today

A Photo Essay

December 15, 2016

Situated a scant 90 miles from Key West: scenic views, a ’50s Chevy Bel Air on every corner, strong coffee, beautiful people and blue marlin. What are you waiting for?

fishing in Cuba
Above all, humility should top your list of supplies when Cuba-bound. Austin Coit
Morro Castle in Cuba
The iconic Morro Castle, still formidable even after more than 400 years. Austin Coit
walking in Cuba
A woman walks with a mutton snapper, still waiting on a dinner invitation. Austin Coit
fishing in Cuba
Part of Cuba’s allure, in terms of a fishing destination, is an edge that is relatively untouched by many sport-fishing boats. Austin Coit
repairing boat in Cuba
Support in repairing a local commercial boat takes a variety of forms. Austin Coit
woman in Cuba
A 95-year-old woman smiles at me. “Take her picture, so her family in California can see how beautiful she is!” Austin Coit

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