Scania-Powered Viking 48: Showcasing Performance and Efficiency

Discover the power and reliability of the new Viking 48 convertible, equipped with twin Scania 1,150 hp DI16-liter V8 engines.
A digital rendering of a sport-fishing boat on a white background.
The Scania-powered Viking 48. Courtesy Viking Yacht Co.

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Scania has announced that a new Viking 48 convertible will be powered by twin Scania 1,150 hp DI16 engines. The vessel, Mack Attack, was commissioned by Mack Boring and Parts Co. to demonstrate the reliability and performance of Scania’s most powerful pleasure craft-certified V-8 engines.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to feature our 16-liter, 1,150 hp Scania engines in another Viking demo platform,” said Patrick McGovern, president of Mack Boring and Parts. “Our previous vessel, Mack 900, exceeded our expectations in performance when we introduced the Scania 900 hp engine to the market in 2021. We see this new project as the natural next step for the introduction of the more powerful Scania V-8.”

Built on a compacted graphite iron engine block and employing a simple waste gate turbocharger, the Scania DI16 engine delivers top-of-class performance without the need for additional turbos or superchargers. The resulting lighter weight, combined with Scania’s proprietary Engine Management System and common rail extra ­high-pressure injection system, optimizes fuel delivery for impressive torque, lower noise and exceptional fuel efficiency.

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Mack Attack is set to splash in early summer and will participate in several high-profile tournaments.

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